AVANTAJ PRIM – IT company from Moldova wins GROUND Pitch Battle at Nordic Games Conference

A historic moment for Avantaj Prim and for Moldova’s IT industry. Avantaj Prim’s team achieved a significant victory at the prestigious GROUND Pitch Battle, held as part of the Nordic Games Conference in Malmo, Sweden. Presenting their 2D game, Anima Flux, the Avantaj Prim team impressed the jury and won a $10,000 voucher. This voucher will grant them access to the GROUND platform, where they can conduct over 500 game tests and receive over 40 comprehensive user feedback reports from around the world.

We thank the Moldovan delegation, represented by the COR Creative Industries Association in Moldova and Mediacor, led by our colleague Andrew Gau, who attended the Nordic Games Conference—a vibrant event covering creative industries, game development, sound, music production, and IT. The victory of Avantaj Prim’s team at the GROUND Pitch Battle is a remarkable achievement for Moldova’s IT industry, showcasing the talent and innovation that companies in this country possess. The opportunity to test the game Anima Flux on the GROUND platform and receive global user feedback will contribute to the development and enhancement of the game, solidifying their position in the international video game market. Congratulations to the Avantaj Prim team and to all those involved in supporting Moldova’s IT industry! USAID Moldova, Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau, Mediacor, COR Creative Industries Association in Moldova.